Chuck at Odds with Bobbi


    This scene was cut from Chapter 4 because it slowed things down. We let Chuck figure these things out and brought some of the good stuff out in other ways.
     Chuck sat on the edge of their bed and slipped his loafers off. He pulled his necktie off, then he lay back, rubbing his temples. Emotionally drained and weary, yet he had no desire to sleep with Bobbi still downstairs. Why does she keep framing this as a choice between her and Tracy? There is no choice. Bobbi had to know that the last thing he wanted was more contact with Tracy, and that he would rather take a beating than hurt her again. God, where am I messing up? I know You wouldn’t have brought Jack her if You didn’t want me to find him. Why is this causing so much tension between Bobbi and me if it’s the right thing?
    Because he was pushing. He pressured her for a reconciliation when they were separated, and now he was pushing her to get Jack. She had no choice but to react on instinct, and defend her family and her marriage. Bobbi needed time, time to sort this out and come to her own conclusions. It hadn’t even been two days, yet. His mother tried to tell him that things didn’t have to be settled now. He should’ve listened to her.
    Re-energized, he started to head back downstairs and tell Bobbi she was right, and he was backing off. You idiot, listen to yourself. You’re backing off and you’re gonna tell her right now. Stupid. Unless she came up to bed soon, it could wait til tomorrow. They had been without Jack for six years. Another few weeks, even a month or so wouldn’t make that much difference. Wait. Be patient. Let God do the heavy lifting. He drifted off to sleep praying that he hadn’t already done too much damage.
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