Chuck Announces a Funeral

(This was cut from the last chapter. Unnecessary.)

Chuck Molinsky stood at the head of a long table in the conference room at Benton, Davis & Molinsky. He had managed to catch everyone on the way in that morning and direct them to a quick meeting. The suddenness of the meeting had resulted in a somber silent mood in the room. “Thanks for meeting in such short notice,” Chuck said, mentally checking off a list of employees and confirming everyone was there. “I’ll only take a minute or two. Some of you have been here long enough, you may remember Tracy Ravenna. She was killed this weekend in an automobile accident.” 


Christine Gardner let out a quiet gasp.

“Her funeral is tomorrow afternoon at two. I’m sure most of you are also aware that Tracy and I had an affair and we have a son. I’m asking you, if at all possible, to please come to the funeral, regardless of what you may have thought of Tracy. Do it for Jack’s sake.” There was no movement, not a sound as Chuck’s announcement sunk in. “I’m going to be out for several days. Call me at home if you need me.” He picked up his briefcase and started to walk out.

“Chuck,” Chad Mitchell broke the silence. “Do you need pallbearers?”

“Thanks, Chad. As a matter of fact, we do. Thanks a lot.”


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