Bobbi Gives Shannon Some Bad News


(Cut from Chapter 23)

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Shannon asked. Even at five, she could sense that, once again, things in her life were about to be turned upside down. “Where’s Daddy and Jack?”

“Come and sit,” Bobbi said inviting Shannon to come and snuggle up on her lap. Once Shannon had settled in, Bobbi smoothed her daughter’s hair. “Jack’s mother has been in a car wreck. She’s in very bad shape. Daddy took Jack to the hospital. I’m going to go be with them as soon as I can get someone to stay with you.”

“But I want to go.”

“I know you do, but the emergency room is a big, scary place, and I would rather that you didn’t have to see all of that. This is going to be very hard for Jack, and I need you to help Daddy and me take care of him.”

“Is Jack’s mom going to die?”

“I don’t know, Baby.”

Shannon looked away, close to tears. “I’m sad for Jack.”

“I am, too. He’s going to need us to love him a lot.”

“You can go love him. I’ll love him here.”

“Thanks for understanding.” Bobbi kissed Shannon’s forehead and picked up the phone. “Rita? I need you again.” Bobbi quickly explained and Rita immediately volunteered to stay with her niece. Bobbi placed the phone back in its holder. “That was easy.”

“Aunt Rita likes me,” Shannon said.

“She should.” Bobbi smiled and lifted Shannon off her lap. “You can go ahead and watch the movie.”

“I’ll wait for Daddy and Jack. It won’t be the same.”

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